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Jeffrey Pogue-Working Hard With You

Thank you for coming to I hope you are able to find all the information you are seeking. If you would like the most current information, visit my blog to see my weekly Capitol Reports.

We are in difficult times, people have to work hard to make ends meet. With your support, I intend to work just as hard trying to help improve the lives of the citizens of the 143rd District, as well as all Missourians.


When I was asked recently why I was running for State Representative, I responded: “I want to be a servant-leader for my family, community and state.  Helping others and being involved in the community has always been one of my greatest passions."


I was raised in this community and I share the same common sense values that we all hold dear in this community.  As a taxpayer in these tough economic times, I know that we must keep taxes low and out of the pocketbooks of Missouri families, government must learn to live within its means and balance the checkbook just like every Missouri family must.

We need jobs now and we get them by getting government out of the way and letting the true economic engines, small businesses do what they do best--create jobs.  

As a small business owner myself, I know how over burdensome regulations and ever increasing taxes stifle small businesses making it very difficult to succeed.  We must get government out of the way so that we can put Missouri back to work. 


We must also protect  Missourians property rights from an overreaching and out of touch government that too often infringes upon our rights. As someone who has been a farmer all my life, I know that agriculture is the life blood of Missouri; we must keep the family farm strong and prosperous. 


I have three small children and a wife who is a teacher; I know the value of a first class education system, I live it every day.  Ensuring that our children and grandchildren receive the highest quality education possible must be one of our top priorities.


As you can see, I am a true common sense conservative; I believe we must always protect innocent life, keep the 2nd Amendment strong, and always fight to preserve and protect our individual freedoms and liberties. 


I grew up here, I am raising my family here and I want to be the voice for everyone from our community in Jefferson City.  That is why I am running for State Representative and I ask for your support.


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